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Integrating all aspects of hardware design, development  and fabrication, Readix is committed to helping you achieve your vision in the most time and cost effective matter. Whether helping you articulate hardware design requirements, reach a working concept, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a final product, we work closely with you from requirement analysis, concept development, through prototyping and fabrication, proactively providing unbiased advise. Relying on Readix will allow you to leverage more than a decade of complex hardware systems development.  Additionally,  Readix brings to the table extensive expertise in some of the latest technology trends including low power, long range wireless networks.


Requirement Analysis & Definition
Technology Identification
Concept Development
Mechanical Design
2D/3D Modeling
PCB Design & Layout

At Readix, we pride our self in the quality of our service and understand that support, before and after delivery, is critical to our client’s success. Working with our team, you can be sure that support is one call away. Additionally, our design deliverables always include a standard set of structured, complete and usable design and manufacturing files.

We understand that for a growing start-up keeping overhead costs under control is critical. Working with Readix will give you access to a flexible, when you need it, extended multidisciplinary engineering team that complements your skill set without increasing your overhead allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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